Monday, May 25, 2009

To sayang~

To: sayang~

I nak wish u happy birthday yg ke-21
I hope that u gonna live happy as usual n i really like the way u are!
I wanna say thanx until this time u take care of me and made my life happier than ever.
Thank you so much sayang!

I also want to thanx to you that for the past few days ni i dapat luangkan masa n kenal rapat with ur family!
They are really nice n i enjoy with them!
Oh..i like ur mum nye masak ketam!hehe~
Even ur family celebrate birthday u a day earlier n i can't join with them,but on your birthday i can spend time with ur family is a big honor for me!

Im so sorry sbb tak dapat celebrate ur birthday dgn meriahnye.
But that was a great time for us!
I hope that we can stay forever and u would happy and can take care of me as always as u do.
Once again,thank you sayang and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
I really love u from the bottom of my heart!

Sincerely love u,
Iera ^o^


  1. i love u toooo baby!~~
    hahahahahah :-x

  2. ahahahahaha..
    i love u too!!~

  3. Pergh~ Sweet giler la korang nie ;)) Gewd2 =)