Monday, February 2, 2009

Cheat @ Pet Society


Rasenye kalo org yg minat sgt ngan pet society nih sure tau cemane nk cheat kat pet society to get a lot of money as well to increase their level.

But, if u don't know and want to know how to get the money n how to increase level. This is the tips.

1.Download and install cheat engine on your computer. (The latest cheat engine is Cheatengine 5.5)

2.Make sure you have Flash Player 9 installed on your computer.

3.Open up your browser and load pet society.

4.Open Cheatengine and attach it to your browser.

5.Configure Cheatengine. Select Hex, Set Value type to 8 Bytes and also click "Also Scan read-only Memory". Highlight the Value (Should be 00000000 at the moment) and then replace those zeros with 840FFF85C12A0FF2.

6.Open up your chest and sell something (Recommended buy and sell apple). Close the chest and then scan you should end up with 1 or 2 addresses. If you end up with 2 then one is for a paw point hack.

7.Right click that address and then click Disassemble this memory region.

8.Ok well now that you got most of the steps out of the way right click the 1st address (the one highlighted) and press toggle break point. A screen will come up asking if you want to attach the debugger. Say yes.(Sometimes the screen dosen't come mine!don't worry.hehe..)

9.Next go outside and walk in front of trees and hope one wants to drop a coin. If it does your browser will freeze if you've done all the other steps correctly. Try to get down to your taskbar and click Cheatengine 5.4. On the other side of your memory viewer is box containing registers, etc. Click on the ECX register in the box and put in 9999, Any higher than 9999 might end up with you disconnecting. After you have entered 9999 into the ECX Register click debug and then run.

10.Go to your house and use the new click and save buttons to ensure you'll keep your new money. Next refresh and have fun (^_^)

p/s: Bole beli mcm2!!sbb duit yg dapat mmg byk!! (^_^) Happy Shopping in Pet Society!!


  1. adeyh..banyak kali giler aku dah try..tapi xberjaya~!!..huu~ sedey2~

  2. ala alpha..
    x bejaya lagi gak ke?
    aku berusaha tau stadi bende tu

    da try tgk kat youtube?
    ade je cara2 die..
    nnt sifu mau ajar eyh!~
    hehe :P