Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pendrive inventor

You will be shock after you heard this news! At first sight i also was shocked when i heard this news! Unbelievable! I can't believe it! Was it true?

Guess what, the inventor of pendrive is Malaysian man, Pua Kien Seng!

Yes! You would be shock and proud to be Malaysian. But wait a minute, even he invented it, but he not invented it in Malaysia. He invented the device in Taiwan. So, i could be considered Taiwanese invention.

I have some question, if there is a new invention or idea that someday would be famous or people using just like pendrive, would company in Malaysia bear to invest a lot of money to make things like this happen? If yes, why we not heard the things like this invent in Malaysia? Why there are not enough technology to produce it in Malaysia? If no, why didn't think far far away your imagination that someday it would be one product that would be used by all?

Think about it

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