Tuesday, June 30, 2009

i miss him i love him

ade sebab aku jadi camni
aku bukan suka2 je nk jadi mcm ni
kalo orang kate "itu" for me that means "itu"
even maksud die lain
even try to explain mcm mane pon my mind still think it is "itu"

i want to see him soo much..
really2 i do..
i can't..
bcoz of the word "itu"

when he said he need sometime for himself
im thinking that sould i proceed with this relationship
am i not giving him much time alone
yesterday im thinking and thinking
that i cause a lot of trouble
should i need a break?
i don't want to
because i love him soo much

so skarang ni im forcing myself tuk menjauhkan diri..
mmg sangat susah
i think it is the best

we should face to face to discuss further about this
but i don't know if i can meet u

im blank
im thinking
im stupid
i miss him
i love him

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