Friday, January 16, 2009

Survey OR Holiday?

Actually this is my first time doing something like this.hehe~Don't know whether this is suppose to be a job or a holiday tyme!~(^_^)
I've been informed by a friend that there is a job that need us to to the spesific place and do a survey.The payment is RM700 for 3 days!~Who dosen't want right?We need to form a 5 person in a group and we choose Felda Sg.Kelamah in Gemas N9. The place is near Melaka (30mins to Bandar Melaka) and Johor (30mins to Gunung Ledang).
After arrive in Gemas we need to see the director of Felda to tell them that we want to do a survey.Unfortunately we can't do the survey do to some reason. So we decide to go to bandar melaka since we can't do any survey and there's a lot of history place in Melaka. On the last day, when he heading back to KL, we go to history place in N9, like Istana Seri Menanti, Teratak Za'ba and many more.Finally, we arrived in Cyberjaya at 5pm. It's really tiring and there's another journey that i need to be there.Where's the place?Continue after this!~


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