Friday, January 23, 2009

Personal Test

Ni sebenarnye saje2 je amik test..sbb buhsan xde buat ape..

1. Pick a number between 0 & 20: 7
2. Pick another number between 0 & 20: 8
3. Name of someone of the opposite sex: ahmad noriman

4. Anyone's Name you know: norsiah
5. Anyone's Name you know: nur liyana
6. Anyone's Name you know: amirul

7. Name of someone of the opposite sex: mohamad azri

8. A Song Title: love story
9. A Song Title: womanizer
10. A Song Title: love bug
11. A Song Title: love song

Your Test Results...
The person you like but can't work out is mohamad azri and ahmad noriman is the person you love.
The person you care most about is norsiah and nur liyana is the person who knows you very well.
Your lucky star is amirul.
love story is the song that matches with ahmad noriman, and womanizer is the song that matches with mohamad azri.
According to this test, the number of people you would like to tell about this test is 7.
love bug is the song that tells you the most about your mind and the song "love song" tells you how you feel about life right now!

*ade la satu dua jawapan yg betul..yg lain tu ngarut je!!~hehehe..

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