Friday, September 14, 2007

u always in my heart~~

al-fatihah buat norhazimah (azim) di atas pemergian beliau ke rahmatullah pada petang tadi 13/9/2007 pada pukul 3.50pm..

she will always in my heart and in my life..(T_T)

until now i still can't believe that she already's just too fast..
yesterday we have fun in Port Dickson..the next day i got the news that she's in ICU..the next day..i got news that she's dying and just now i got the news that she's just left all of us..

it was too fast..
her voice,her laugh,her smile,her attitude...everything about her..i will always remember it..(T_T)

i love u so much n really really miss u very much~~
semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan dikalangan orang orang yang beriman..

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