Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Charity Concert?! or Gigs Concert?!

What do you think about charity concert??Is it suppose to be the gigs concert??i dont think so...but the reality that whats happen!!the first 45 minutes the concert was happening..with the opening concert that start with Mark Anthony version MMU(haha...really??) .He sing 3 songs and it 's continue with another idol MMU(but now girl) that also sing 3 songs...n then the happening when siarra up to the stage...that was soooo cooooll!!!(really enjoy their song and their voice is superb to me!!)hahaha...i love them since i saw them in Blast Off!! on Hitz.Tv. "THEY ROCK MY SOCKZZZ" thats what the mc says!!!hahahaha!!!never imagine bout that!!.. but then....the concert slowly turn to boringzzz....from charity concert it turn to gigs concert!!.. one of the band present great with their songs hear cool n it's nice to me..i can accept their song.. what's call that band???let me think bout it first...hmm....YEAH!!It's stone takes 5 minutes for me to recall their name..hahaha!!!really love their guitar player(the cute one)!!!hehehe..but when it turn to other band..(and i turn back..a lot of student left the concert!!)y not me??coz we (me n my frenz) sat at the second row at the front...huh!!donno what to say!!...just see the concert till it's finished even tough only the first part of the concert was really happening... :( ...the concert end at 11.15 pm(i guess)'s really heavy for me!!with the gigs concert!!next time???i will think more than twice b4 go to the concert like that again!!!


  1. ya..ya.. dun want to left ha?? or isit bcoz of ur fwen that really interested in staying there.. ala yg nengok concert cam lecture tu..hahaha!!

  2. iera..u forgotten somethin'..that our ear almost deaf that time!hihihik..luckily it's not permanent! anyway..enjoy staying there till the end with u guys!

  3. yezz...if we still hear the song...we will be deaf...luckily not..hahaha...yang tengok concert cam tgk lecturer tengah lecture tuh gamaknye dier tengah imagine yang perform the song are same with her lecturer yang tengah lecture kat depan..ahahhaha!!!... enjoy having time with u guyz but not with the concert!!!im not rock my sockzz!!!hahahaha